Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby Hurt's Arrival - 01.19.2012

I dare say that I was more than ready to be done being pregnant, but not ready to be a mama.  Like I said in my profile, I think of myself as a realist so I wasn't expecting pregnancy to be a cakewalk like some people (you know who you are); however, I did not expect to throw up nearly every day for 8 months.  Let me say that again for those of you just skim reading.  I threw up nearly every day for 8 months.  More on that's too soon for me to laugh about it.

Labor and Delivery.  What's to say?  I legit had a panic attack about a week before I was due to be induced.  It was time for Baby Hurt to leave my body and I was less than thrilled with my two options.  There had to be another way, right?  My husband thought I was joking when I verbalized my question to him one night so he made the mistake of laughing at me.  *Cough Cough*  He won't make that mistake again.

We knew going into it that it was most likely going to end up in a c-section, but I'll be damned if I wasn't going to give it a shot.  I have been known to be a little stubborn.  Here are my thoughts on labor.  Forget the contractions, the fear of the unknown, the epidural, the lack of privacy...I was THIRSTY damn it.  I don't know if it was the reaction to the epidural (which I enjoyed so much that I got 2 of them - no joke) or anxiety, but I had the worst case of cottonmouth known to man.  My only solace was a portion controlled spoonful of ice chips monitored very harshly by my husband.  Luckily, my sister doesn't like being told what to do so she'd sneak me a couple of extra spoonfuls when he was distracted.  It wasn't enough.  I was dying. 

Exhibit A:  Epidural Working

Exhibit B: Epidural Not Working

I'll spare you the dirty details but needless to say my doctor was right and I had to have a c-section.  Apparently my son is quite stubborn himself.  I assured the anesthesiologist that I could handle more than the allowed pain medicine so he shouldn't be shy with pain killers.  He laughed and patted me on my head.  We proceeded to play the game of, "Do you feel this?"  There's no fooling me.  I saw the scalpel he was poking me with.  I couldn't help myself.  Of course my answer was, "Yes."  He caught on after a little bit and we both couldn't help laughing.  Either way, little Tilmon Edward Hurt was here.

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  1. you did a great job being pregnant! and you are doing a BETTER job being a momma. love, you know who you are