Friday, May 18, 2012

The Grass is Always Greener

Like I’ve said before, Teddy and I usually have a picnic in the late afternoon.  While the weather was great it’s been super fun to sit on a blanket with my son and watch the cars go by.  I’ve noticed that the reactions to the drivers are almost always one of two emotions:  enjoyment or envy.  They’ll smile and wave or purse their lips and begrudgingly acknowledge me.

I totally get it.  On days when I would run by the house on a lunch break and see a group of women sitting outside I would grip the steering wheel hard, purse my lips, and half heartedly give them a smile.  Really?  What do their husbands do?  Look at them in their yoga pants, having a cup of coffee, pushing their kids on a swing.  Stupid perfect families.

So, if you see me sitting outside one afternoon before you give me a hateful look, here’s something you don’t know:

·         I’m in yoga pants because they are stretchy and black and all of my other clothes hurt my feelings

·         I’m home because I lost 4 weeks of my maternity leave because I had the worst pregnancy ever and couldn’t find a day care and we’re just taking advantage of a stressful situation

·         I’m sitting outside because I haven’t left the house in days and I’m about to go crazy

·         I’m counting down the minutes until my husband is home so I can have some adult contact

·         I’m in the front yard because the back yard hasn’t been mowed in a month

·         The kid has been screaming for an hour solid and the only thing that makes him happy is being outside

·         That’s not coffee in my cup…

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m actually pretty in love with my life right now, but that doesn’t make it easy.  The grass is always greener on the other side. Who am I kidding?  I’m complaining about getting to sit in my front yard with my son on a weekday.  I’m a jerk. Go ahead and give me that mean look.  I deserve it.   
Here are some random pics of my weekday fun (check out how much he has changed already):

6 weeks old

 10 weeks old

11 weeks

17 weeks

Teddy, Mc, and Walker are still working on tummy time.  Fisher is way too tired to lay down. River and Flora don't understand why the little kids aren't cooperating.

Fisher is over it.  Flora is checking out the little boys.  Walker remembers to lift up.

Nevermind.  Just forget it.


  1. i love these photos. geez he HAS changed so much! and the ones of all 6 of them are ridiculous! perfect! a great photo summing up what life is like right now. love it!

  2. 8 more schoool days and then i'll be joining you for some 'coffee'.

  3. Love this post!! Wish I could go sit outside with my kids and have "coffee"! The mosquitoes are so bad in Savannah!! And I know what you mean about adult time. I love when all 3 go to bed and I get to catch up with my husband!!