Wednesday, September 26, 2012

10 Tips for Flying with a Baby 5 Months Old or Less

1.       It’s a heck of a lot colder in the airport and in the plane than you think.  Bundle up that kiddo in something warm and remember to pack a couple of blankets.

2.       Do not just buy the cheapest flight.  Pick the time of day to fly based on your baby’s schedule.  Teddy is happiest in the early mornings and takes a long nap in the late afternoon so we made sure to book our flights in the morning.

3.       Make sure your baby is eating during takeoff and landing.  The cabin pressure equalizes and it can really piss the kid off.  However, if they are sound asleep and it’s not time for them to eat so they aren’t hungry, just take a deep breath.  If he’s sucking on a pacifier he will be okay.  At least Teddy was.  Like an idiot, I woke him up, tried to get him to nurse, and he wasn’t having it.  I got flustered and was miserable.  On the way back, we just let him sleep and he never made a peep.  Lesson learned.

4.       Have your husband (or flying companion) order a beer.  It’s stressful flying and everyone just needs to take a deep breath and relax.

5.       Sit in the front of the plane.  Even if it was smooth sailing for you, once you land you are going to want off that plane as soon as possible.  Everyone is going to stare at you with either hate or sympathy and you are just going to want to bolt for that door. 

6.       Fly Southwest. They don’t let you board early like all other airlines which is fair but annoying, but what they do have is a great attitude.  The flight attendants are wonderful, and if the flight isn’t oversold they will let you keep the kid in the carseat which is just heaven on earth. Right when you get the gate, just ask if there are seats are available and they will be very happy to let you keep your carseat.

7.       I’m a huge fan of bringing your stroller and carseat and just gate checking them.  I’ve read that a lot of people are fine using a wrap and walking with their babies, but I have a bad back and anxiety so it just wasn’t worth it.  There are pros and cons to bringing a stroller. Ask and I will tell.

8.       Give yourself an hour and a half at least (preferably 2 hours) before takeoff to make it through security.  Even if you are a pro, shit happens.  There’s going to be long lines, a slow TSA Agent, dirty diapers, and you have to bring A LOT of stuff and the last thing you want to worry about is what time it is.

9.       Leave the cute outfit at home.  I’m a big fan of footie pajamas for travel.  The zipper is really easy for quick diaper changes, it is warm and snuggly, and they have some pretty cute ones.  You’re going to get a lot of attention and you want your baby to be real cute, but you are going to scream when you are changing their diaper and doing your best not to touch anything.

10.   Just get over efficient packing.  Bring anything that you think you’ll need for the first couple of trips.  You will get made fun of. You will feel like an idiot.  You will bring tons of things that you won’t need, but it’s a learning curve.  Give yourself a break.    
(There is a ridiculous story for each one of these ten items, and I promise I could keep going with my advice.  I'll stop now.  You got any tips for me?  I'm all ears.) 
This was the first trip.  I have no blanket, just his swaddle.  He woke up freezing.  It's funny how putting a picture in black and white can make a crazy moment look peaceful.
This was our second trip.  Notice the huge blanket, pacifier, and sleeping like an angel.

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