Friday, September 7, 2012

Want To See My Underwear?

If you are ever curious about what kind of undies I wear, just pop in unexpectedly and use the spare bathroom.   I take a bath every night (most nights with a glass of wine) to just calm down from my day.  I leave the clothes in the floor even though it would be the easiest thing in the world for me to pick them up when I walk back to our room.  My bathroom at my parents house has an awesome laundry shoot, so I’ve never had to take my dirty clothes any further than the bathroom (at least this is the excuse I give my husband every time someone knocks on the door and I go dashing into the spare bedroom to pick up my clothes). 
By the time you’d get out of the shower, mama would already have your bed made up (partly because she knew that I’d hop right back in that bad boy and go back to sleep).  She’s the mom that does not ever sit down.  Ever.  There are always dishes to be washed, clutter to be put away, a yard to mow.  I am very much Mary Tuggle’s daughter.  I LOVE things to be clean and in their place, but I’ve also got a touch of Johnny Tuggle which means I’m perfectly happy letting things slide and sitting and enjoying the party.  I think I have a good balance of things, but once again, this whole “having a baby” has thrown a wrench into my identity.  How much do I clean and how much do I just play with my little baby and make a mess?
For one reason or the other, I feel like the foot traffic at our house has nearly tripled since having the kiddo.  It’s easier for people to come over here at night so we don’t have to worry about a babysitter and people just want to come by and see his cute face when they are on errands. I’ve found myself keeping the house presentable way more as to limit the panic attacks when I get a text that says, “Is now a good time to pop in?”
One of the harder things to adjust to life at home was how much I clean.  When we both worked and it was just two of us, we’d clean at night, get up and go to work, come home, and the house was still perfect.  We’d just clean up the kitchen and our room, but the house stayed relatively clean.  Wooo.  How I miss those days.  It took me forever to figure out which rooms and when to clean with the baby.  It was a nightmare.  I empty the dishwasher at least twice a day, do a load of laundry a day, and I always have something in my hand transferring items from one room to the next. 
Does anyone have a nice clean house all the time?  Are we the only people that scramble to make the house look presentable when guests come over?  Don’t get me wrong, right before we go to sleep the house is immaculate, but I’m not trying to clean the house ALL day.  I straighten things up but as our day progresses from room to room there will be little things left, dishes hanging around, and dog toys all over the house. 
Like I’ve said before, I’ve no doubt got a touch of OCD so it’s very painful for me to have a cluttered and messy house.  Nothing does my heart more good than when I go to a friend’s house and see dishes in the sink, because that’s real life.  Dishes are dirty.  You can’t walk 10 steps without stepping on a dog toy.  Clothes are thrown all over the floor even though there is a nice empty laundry basket in the corner.  The mail you started sorting two days ago is spread out on the coffee table.  Books are strewn from one end of the nursery to the other. That’s real life. 
All that to be said, I’d still like you to give me the 15 minute warning that you are headed over so I can shove things under the bed and in the closet and pretend like I’ve got this whole mommy thing down.
This little mess maker is worth it though.

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