Sunday, February 3, 2013

Teddy: The Video

A dear friend, Allison, made the sweetest video for her daughter's first year.  The second I saw it, I knew that I wanted the same thing for Teddy.  For his birthday, I asked TJ to put a little something together.

My requirements:
  • Include both funny and sentimental pictures
  • Use Heavenly Day from our wedding
  • It cannot be longer than 2 minutes
  • Include a couple cute videos
Surprise.  Surprise.  The final product met all of my requirements, except one.  It's 20 minutes long.  After a long and drawn out conversation in which I try to convince TJ to pair down his masterpiece for fear that no one would ever sit through the whole thing, we reached  a compromise:

The full video would play during his party and he would create a "trailer" for the full video.  Oh, how I love my husband and extravagance.  I promise he would have made the video 60 minutes if left to his own devices.

Here's what I wanted:

Here's TJ's version:  (pack a lunch and take a bathroom break before you start it)

Tilmon Edward Hurt: Year One from TJ Hurt on Vimeo.

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