Sunday, November 10, 2013

Anyone still here?

Yeah - about that whole "updating my blog" thing.  Whoopsies.  It's very surreal to me that people read this.  I write some posts and then forget to publish them.  Then it's been a few months so why would I post them now?   I've had a few requests for updates so I'm just going to back date some of these and we'll catch up over the last year.  So just pretend that these next several posts were actually published and/or written at the time they occurred. Great, thanks. 

Let's see...where did we last leave off in this journey?  Teddy had just turned one.  I gave you some insight into my family with my sister Carol and brother-in-law RIchy.  Wow.  Seems like we have a lot of ground of cover.  I better start writing...

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